Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Although most people associate mouthwash with making a good impression on a first date, the truth is that mouthwash can be very beneficial to your oral health. While cosmetic mouthwash simply tastes good and give you better breath on a short-term basis, therapeutic mouthwashes can be used to relieve dry mouth, fight cavities and plaque, and even combat gum disease.

Many types of mouthwash contain alcohol, and you may want to consider using a non-alcoholic alternative. If you have children who use mouthwash, brands that contain alcohol may make them ill if they swallow it, or they could become intoxicated.

Alcohol also has a tendency to dehydrate the body, and if you suffer from dry mouth, a rinse containing alcohol may only make your problem worse. Mouthwashes with alcohol can irritate the soft tissues in your mouth and may take a toll on dental restorations.

If you have questions about right kind of mouthwash is right for you, our dentist, Dr. Amirhassan would love to talk with you. If you live in the Santa Rosa, California, area and would like to schedule an appointment to talk about mouthwash or have a cleaning and exam, call Preferred Dental at 707-544-8338 today.


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