Can Dental Crowns Save Dying Teeth?

The question has often been asked if a dental crown can save a dying tooth. Although dental crowns cannot magically bring dead teeth back to life, they can protect many types of damaged teeth from further harm, potentially eradicating the need to pull the tooth. However, dental crowns only protect a tooth down to the gum line.

A dental crown works by removing a small layer of tooth enamel from a tooth and placing a crown on top of it. By bonding directly to the tooth, a dental crown can remain in place and protect the tooth even better than the enamel could. Dental crowns can protect teeth against all manner of bacteria and harmful acids capable of causing tooth decay and cavities.

Dental crowns are extremely effective when used on teeth that have already had dental procedures, such as root canals or dental fillings. Dental crowns can even be used on artificial teeth such as implants.

No matter what your need is, a dental crown can safely and effectively protect your teeth from most forms of bacterial damage and can even hold broken or split teeth together for future functionally.

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