Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Counter the Effects of Enamel Erosion

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is very hard and durable. Yet it can still be compromised by acidic foods and beverages, as well as the processes of the natural bacteria living in your mouth. These things effectively erode the microscopic mineral crystals in your tooth enamel making you prone to tooth decay and sensitivity issues.

Prolonged enamel erosion can create microscopic channels through the enamel, exposing the sensitive dentin layer of the tooth. Common symptoms include a sharp or stinging pain when you eat or drink something that is hot, cold, sweet or acidic.

Increased exposure to fluoride helps to restore the mineral content of your tooth enamel. This process is known as remineralization, strengthens tooth enamel and effectively reduces the effects of enamel erosion.

Should your Preferred Dental dentist notice signs of enamel erosion they might recommend a series of different treatment options to increase your fluoride exposure. This often includes a basic fluoride treatment, fluoride supplements and brushing your teeth with toothpaste that includes added fluoride. With a diligent approach to the treatment strategy your dentist suggests, many of the complications of enamel erosion can be reduced or outright prevented.

If you are concerned that you might have issues with enamel erosion, you should not hesitate to call Preferred Dental’s office in Santa Rosa, California at 707-544-8338 to set up an appointment. We look forward to having you maintain a healthy mouth!


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