Bad Habits That Can Cause Dental Damage

There are many things that we do without thinking that are bad for our teeth. It is important to be more conscious of what you are doing because it might be adversely affecting your teeth. If you are more aware, you will be more likely to make the changes necessary to maintain good oral health…. Read more »

Dental Dream Makers: Treating and Preventing Bad Breath

By establishing an effective plan to help improve your oral health, you can up lower your risk for problems such as halitosis. Halitosis, frequently referred to as bad breath, is a condition in which foul odors emanate from your mouth. Oftentimes, the foul odors may be a result of bacteria that wall in your mouth… Read more »

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Although most people associate mouthwash with making a good impression on a first date, the truth is that mouthwash can be very beneficial to your oral health. While cosmetic mouthwash simply tastes good and give you better breath on a short-term basis, therapeutic mouthwashes can be used to relieve dry mouth, fight cavities and plaque,… Read more »

Serious Disease Brings Oral Health Issues

If you have heart disease, diabetes, HIV, or lupus, you will most likely have oral health problems to deal with as well. There is a connection between overall body health and the health of your teeth and gums. Researchers are studying this connection to better understand how to help patients with multiple health issues that… Read more »

Vigorous Toothbrushing Not Good

As youngsters, our parents taught us that proper toothbrushing was a solemn duty we must perform every day in order to keep cavities away. Being children, we believed everything our authority figures told us, but in this case our parents were absolutely right. Now, some children, and even a few adults, are so eager to… Read more »

Dental Veneers: What You Should Know

We are pleased to offer dental veneers as a highly popular option for cosmetic dentistry. These cosmetic and tooth-shaped shells are comprised of porcelain to mask unwanted flaws on the front teeth to enhance their quality and appearance. We invite you to learn more about dental veneers and what they can offer your dream smile…. Read more »

Aspects of a Super Smile: Pregnancy and Dental Health

Were you aware that pregnancy can have several effects on your oral health? It’s true because pregnancy alters many things in your body including your oral health. Furthermore, individuals may find themselves neglecting their hygiene while they are pregnant. If you do find yourself pregnant, it is important to also visit your dentist, so the… Read more »

Strengthen Your Teeth with Almonds

Do you like snacking on almonds? If so, we’ve got excellent information for you! Almonds are a great, tooth-healthy snack. Here are some reasons we’ve put together explaining why almonds are so awesome for your teeth and what you can do to allow them to help improve your oral health: Almonds are easy to snack… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease in Your Smile

If you have gum disease, you have inflammation or infection of the gums tissue caused by bacterial plaque attacking your gums. Depending on the stage of gum disease you have will determine the recommended treatment options. The goal of treatment is to control the level of infection, and no matter what the stage of the… Read more »

The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Mouthwash

With all the different kinds of mouthwash that are available in today’s market, it is important to understand which products can give you the appropriate protection. Numerous types of mouthwash are capable of whitening your teeth, freshening your breath, protecting your tooth enamel, providing fluoride, reducing plaque, and numerous other benefits depending upon the materials… Read more »