Prophy, or “dental prophylaxis,” is a non-therapeutic procedure administered to help maintain a healthy mouth. It is often included as part of your regular, bi-annual dental cleaning at Preferred Dental. It includes scaling and polishing processes intended to remove plaque from the surface of teeth.

To perform a prophy, Dr. Pouradib will use various cleaning methods to remove plaque and other accumulated material from the coronal, or upper visible portions, or teeth. The procedure also includes a thorough polishing to make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate in the future.

While prophy is used to prevent the advent of gum disease, it can be used to effectively reverse early gingivitis. Coupled with effective home care, controlling the plaque in your mouth can typically control any gum disease that is present.

If you would like to learn more about prophy, dental cleanings, or other gum disease treatments provided by our dentist, please call our office in Santa Rosa, California, today.