The Finer Details of Dental Bridges

The three main varieties of tooth replacement treatments are dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges. Some individuals prefer to avoid dentures because they are removable and on occasion can fall out. Some individuals are forced to avoid dental implants because their jawbones are simply not strong enough to support the implants. As an alternative, dental […]

A Filling in Distress Needs Professional Care

Dental fillings are typically made from artificial materials like porcelain, gold, composite resin, or amalgam. While they are immune to the direct ravages of bacterial tooth decay, no filling can last forever. An inconsistent or inadequate daily oral hygiene routine or a failure to attend your regular dental checkup at puts a filling at increased […]

The Effects That Oral Infections Have on Your Mouth

Would you be surprised to learn that dental infections were actually one of the most common causes of death before antibiotics were available? Luckily, dental infections are less of an issue today than they have been in the past. Furthermore, there are a few common signs you can watch for. You see, herpes is one […]

Restore Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have a damaged tooth that needs fixing? Are you missing any teeth that need to be replaced? If so, you can restore your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Not all services are designed only for cleaning your teeth and gums. Our dental restorations can provide protection and beauty for your teeth and gums for […]

Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Counter the Effects of Enamel Erosion

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is very hard and durable. Yet it can still be compromised by acidic foods and beverages, as well as the processes of the natural bacteria living in your mouth. These things effectively erode the microscopic mineral crystals in your tooth enamel making you prone to tooth decay […]

Get Your Smile Ready for Summer with a Preferred Dental Cleaning and Exam

Welcome to Preferred Dental online, the comprehensive dental practice of Dr. Amirhassan Pouradib serving patients in Santa Rosa, California and its neighboring communities. Have you had your teeth cleaned yet this year? If not, summer is the perfect time to come in and get a professional dental cleaning and exam! According to the Academy of […]