The Effects That Oral Infections Have on Your Mouth

Would you be surprised to learn that dental infections were actually one of the most common causes of death before antibiotics were available? Luckily, dental infections are less of an issue today than they have been in the past. Furthermore, there are a few common signs you can watch for.

You see, herpes is one infection you may have to deal with. Sadly, herpes is an infection typically caused by the herpes simplex virus. Once you have this virus, it will always be present–though not always active. The first time you experience this infection, you could have flu-like symptoms and painful blisters. If herpes activates a second time, you might have to deal with blisters that should rupture after a few days.

Fortunately, you can avoid a number of these infections simply by avoiding tooth decay. Luckily, you can avoid tooth decay by keeping your teeth clean. Generally, we recommend scheduling appointments with our team twice a year and brushing and flossing every day.

If you’re worried about tooth decay, or about a dental infection in Santa Rosa, California, we invite you to contact Preferred Dental by calling us at 707-544-8338. Our dentist, Dr. Amirhassan , and the rest of our team will be happy to inspect your teeth and gums, to answer any of your questions, and to offer you personalized advice, We look forward to meeting with you.


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