The Finer Details of Dental Bridges

The three main varieties of tooth replacement treatments are dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges. Some individuals prefer to avoid dentures because they are removable and on occasion can fall out. Some individuals are forced to avoid dental implants because their jawbones are simply not strong enough to support the implants. As an alternative, dental bridges can give you a sturdy hold similar to implants but without the need to connect the implants directly to the jaw. Instead, bridges are placed into the gaps left behind by missing teeth and held in place by linking them to nearby teeth or implants.

If you take diligent care of your dental bridge, they can usually last over a decade before they will need to be replaced, but there are instances where they can last for the rest of your life without a replacement ever being required. Dental bridges can even help make you look younger and bring back the shine to your smile that may have been lost when you lost your teeth.

Dental bridges are a tooth replacement service that works by permanently attaching to your other teeth or implants within your mouth. When a dental bridge is fitted, it will fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth to ensure your facial structure is filled out to its natural and ideal look. Dental bridges work by connecting directly to the other teeth or implants in your mouth to ensure it does not move around, and you can once again enjoy meals that may have been removed from your diet due to tooth loss.

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