The Trouble with Tongue Piercing

There are multiple dental risks that accompany piercings of the tongue and mouth. If you are considering such a thing, please take into account the below issues before your decision.

Infection Inspection

Infection is a serious issue that can lead to a variety of health problems, but many practitioners are often self-trained, unlicensed and have very lax control standards. Body piercers should be following certain sterilization standards for infection control. If you are unsure of the hygiene of the person who is administering your piercing, beware.

Dental Damage Potential

Jewelry that resides partially inside the mouth can wear down enamel or cause serious injury to the teeth. Any entryway made by a crack in the teeth will be exploited by bacteria going deep inside to cause decay. This could result in nerve damage and potential for a root canal or outright tooth removal.

Multiple Complications Possible

The actual operation of tongue piercing can be extremely unpleasant. Typically, no form of sedation or local anesthetic is used to deaden the pain. Complications other than the ones listed above, may include:

-Extreme blood loss during piercing procedure
-Swelling of the tongue compromising the airway
-Damage of the gum tissues
-Drooling from an increase of saliva flow
-Speech impediment
-Decreased ability to chew
-Imand swallow

If you want more information about the risks and dangers of tongue or mouth piercing, Dr. Amirhassan would be happy to help you. Please contact Preferred Dental to make an appointment at: 707-544-8338, or come by our office in Santa Rosa, California.


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