Treating Gum Disease in Your Smile

If you have gum disease, you have inflammation or infection of the gums tissue caused by bacterial plaque attacking your gums. Depending on the stage of gum disease you have will determine the recommended treatment options.

The goal of treatment is to control the level of infection, and no matter what the stage of the disease you have, you will be required to brush and floss every day to remove plaque build-up. You may also need to stop using tobacco products, and improve your diet to include gum supporting nutrients, such as vitamin C.

Our doctor team will also clear away dental plaque from using a deep-cleaning method called “scaling and root planing”. Scaling means scraping away the tartar accumulation above and below your gum line. Root planing involves removing all the rough spots on the tooth root which lets bacteria stick to it. This might involve using a laser, which offers less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort than conventional deep cleaning.

You may be prescribed medications along with scaling and root planning. Of course, depending on the degree of the infection, surgical treatment may still be needed.

To overcome gum disease, you will want to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, and consider using a fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth. Cleaning between the teeth and around the gumline is also essential, using a flossing method that works best for you. The goal is to remove plaque and debris before it can harden. Coupled with these daily efforts, you will need to see your dentist for professional cleanings.

To schedule a periodontal evaluation with our doctor, Dr. Amirhassan , please call Preferred Dental in Santa Rosa, California, at 707-544-8338 today. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile!


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